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Mediators, collaborative lawyers, arbitrators, financial neutrals and divorce coaches all provide much better outcomes for divorcing couples and families.

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  • Parenting Plans

    In advance of mediation, couples negotiate decision making, multiple schedules and miscellaneous items on their own.  Each parent accepts, rejects or makes his/her own proposal on each individual item until their progress is no longer productive. Unresolved items have each party’s position listed side by side.  This advanced organization allows the mediator to start at mid field instead of the other end zone. (Sorry for the sports metaphor)

  • Alternative
    Child Support

    SplitSmart provides a sharing model for child specific expenses and a savings model for parents to outline their direct contributions to child specific accounts (529, new car, spending, etc).  By focusing on the child’s wellbeing instead of counting the number of overnights to determine child support, parents are more likely to agree on a parenting plan that works for the entire family and children are removed from the middle of most divorce conflict.


  • Intake

    Each individual identifies relevant incomes, assets and debts and SplitSmart creates a checklist of documents each needs to collect and share with the other.

  • Data Aggregation

    Direct connections with over 15,000 financial institutions streamlines account disclosures and provides current balances with a click of a button.

  • Marital Worksheet

    Assets and debts itemized with respective valuations for productive settlement discussions with full transparency.

  • Managing Disclosures

    Dashboards show which documents have been shared, are still outstanding or in dispute.  These dashboards help users self-correct any deficiencies in advance of settlement meetings.

  • Income & Expense Side by Side Comparison

    Minor discrepancies are resolved in advance of meeting while larger concerns are highlighted for efficient resolution.

  • Pre-Meeting

    Couples show up prepared and organized for productive sessions with limited games.

How SplitSmart Helps

ADR Professionals Help You

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

ADR professionals help couples seek resolution through compromise.  While some couples present more of a challenge than others, ADR professionals are skilled at helping most find common ground so both individuals can more quickly, economically and harmoniously move onto their own next chapter in life.

Which divorce route will your divorce go?
​ADR vs Court

Avoid Custody Battles

Traditional child support places children directly in the middle of their parent’s conflict and is the primary cause for most custody litigation.  SplitSmart removes the financial incentive of counting overnights and helps couples avoid most custody and child support conflict.

The Benefits of SplitSmart Family Law Software 

Collaborative lawyers and divorce mediators will save significantly in administration and find their settlement conferences to be more productive and successful. Having organized and prepared clients in advance of divorce mediation will increase client satisfaction, referrals and practice profitability.

  • Helping Clients Help Themselves

    SplitSmart’s intake process creates a checklist of disclosures specific to the couple, creates a marital worksheet, comprehensive parenting plan and child support plan with side-by-side valuations and positions for each individual item.  Everyone sees what documents are still outstanding and most all financial and parenting issues are clearly organized before the meeting.  Your initial meetings are productive and likely produce more successful outcomes.

  • Disclosure/Discovery Management

    A folder in the common repository is created for each income, asset and debt identified during intake.  Each has his or her list of documents to be collected, uploaded and shared with the other for acceptance into the common repository folder.  Direct connections with banks, credit cards and investment accounts quickly provides 12 month transactional histories and current balances.  Dashboards show documents shared, outstanding and in dispute allowing for all to see and be held accountable to any deficiencies.

  • Transparent Process Promotes Resolution

    Each individual goes through the intake process where their data (valuations, incomes, expenses, parenting positions) is viewable by the other. Most couples can resolve the mundane or petty differences on their own while leaving the more meaningful issues clearly organized for the mediators to help guide them to resolution. 

  • Minimize Power Players

    While most want to get to an equitable and fair resolution as quickly as reasonable, others want to play games.  Power players are bad actors who are focused on the fight, not the future.  SplitSmart was designed specifically to expose and inhibit bad actors.  Tracking and showing disclosure deficiencies and showing side-by-side positions on money and child issues go a long way to minimizing those who want to be difficult.  The rest will be in the hands of a capable mediator.

Consider SplitSmart for all divorce, property division and child custody issues.  Beyond the valuable benefits for your clients, SplitSmart will streamline and organize each case for productive settlement meetings and or efficient litigation.


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SplitSmart is critical for providing peace of mind and sanity amidst any type of divorce, whether DIY, mediated, collaborative or contested, amicable to high conflict.  A settlement-promoting platform for parties, attorneys and mediators alike.

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