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Today’s domestic dockets are overburdened, under resourced and over budget.  The Pew Charitable Trusts, along with National Center for State Courts (NCSC), American Bar Association (ABA) and Legal Services Corporation (LSC) have launched an initiative to modernize our civil legal system.  Court systems across the country are just getting started to solve the problems.  Please read below how SplitSmart can help your state court system today!

Court Challenges

  • Broken Discovery Process

    Domestic courts have hundreds of rules/laws/statutes governing discovery but no independent way to monitor and validate whether litigants are compliant or not.  Without independent compliance monitoring and validation, instead of protecting the common good, the rules help enable bad actors.

  • Unorganized/

    Unprepared Self Represented Litigants

    The volume of self-represented litigants taxes a court’s ability to effectively and suitably manage their hearings.  Not knowing or following procedures is expected but not being organized and prepared is as frustrating as it is unnecessary and a waste of everyone’s time and resources.

  • Self-Certification of Compliance

    Most every litigant in domestic court is trying to deceive the other and the court.  Self-certification of compliance is rarely worth the paper the signature is on.  Self-certification puts an undo burden on the opposing to prove the negative.

  • Children in the Middle

    Custody litigation is rarely in a child’s best interest and most all children caught in the middle are abused to one degree or another.  Bad actors pursue custody for their own self-interest of money, control and or hatred using children as prizes, pawns and weapons to try and win custody creating a large volume of unnecessary custody related litigation and actions.

  • Barriers to Justice

    The only recourse a grieved party has to address a discovery deficiency or issue is to file a discovery related motion.  Legal, financial and time barriers to filing a motion is the single greatest barrier to justice in the dissolution process.

  • Overburdened Dockets

    Bad actor litigants abusing each other, and the process exacerbates the volume of motions filed and hearings held.  Self-certification of compliance and financial/legal hurdles to file a motion, combine to aggravate the problem to everyone’s detriment. 

Solutions Require More Than Technology

They Require a Change in Paradigms

  • Opposing Party Audit

    A checklist of disclosure and discovery documents needed by each party is created at intake and opposing parties can add to each other’s list.  Documents are individually uploaded and shared with opposing party who can accept documents into a common repository or reject as disputed.  This process provides immediate recourse without court involvement for a majority of discovery deficiencies and removes the largest barrier to justice in domestic relations court. 

  • Audit Trails for Each Disclosure/Discovery Item

    Treating each disclosure item and or discovery request as inventory, enables tracking, audit trails and discovery dashboards (shared, outstanding, in dispute).  Dashboards help self-correct individual behaviors while audit trails provide an instant history showing dates, times and what was provided.  Gamesmanship is exposed and mitigated further reducing the need for court involvement in unnecessary discovery actions.

  • Passive Compliance Enforcement

    Dashboards and audit trails highlight deficiencies, deceit and games.  Exposing gamesmanship can effectively change a litigant’s motivation from trying to get one over on the other to one of fear; fear that a court would see them as non-compliant.  Fear of a court is a powerful motivator to play by the rules and meet your obligations to the process.   SplitSmart’s reinvented discovery process could slash the volume of discovery related motions being filed by 80% - 90%.

  • Marital Worksheets & Income/Expense Side-by-Side Comparisons

    By going through the process, litigants, whether self-represented or with counsel, are provided a marital worksheet itemizing assets and debts along with their respective valuations and columns for how each is allocated.  Income/Expense side-by-side comparisons give courts a unified and objective view of the financial picture as a whole.

  • Child Support Alternative

    Most want to financially and emotionally support their children to the best of their ability but no one wants support the lifestyle of their ex through child support.  SplitSmart provides a model for parents to share child specific expenses and account for direct contributions to child specific accounts.  By emphasizing the child’s wellbeing and not counting overnights to determine child support, most custody and child support conflict is avoided.

  • Comprehensive Parenting Plans

    Without the financial concern of counting overnights, parents are more agreeable to parenting plans that work for the entire family.  Each parent can accept, reject or make their own proposal for each individual item in the plan.  When an item is unresolved, each parent’s position is listed side-by-side for settlement and or judicial efficiency.

What Courts Should Know

SplitSmart is a tool for litigants, lawyers and mediators and not yet available for court use.  However, the benefits to the court, as listed above, are still there.  We believe litigating couples using SplitSmart will file 80%-90% less discovery related motions.


Some courts, by policy, may not be able to order a couple to use SplitSmart.  However, making the resource and the benefits to them know, simple encouragement may be all that is necessary.

SplitSmart billing is set up so one can pay for the other.  If one is willing to pay, a court can order the other to use.


Consider SplitSmart as a judicial remedy and or a prerequisite to granting a discovery related motion.  SplitSmart directly connects with over 15,000 financial institutions providing an instant alternative to requiring signed financial releases.  Direct connections also provide current account balances at the click of a mouse.

SplitSmart’s discovery process is expected to one day be an effective and efficient alternative to pattern interrogatories.


For litigants/users who subscribe to SplitSmart as a referral from a court district, SplitSmart will donate a portion of our proceeds to legal aid funds for that district.


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SplitSmart is critical for providing peace of mind and sanity amidst any type of divorce, whether DIY, mediated, collaborative or contested, amicable to high conflict.  A settlement-promoting platform for parties, attorneys and mediators alike.

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