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SplitSmart helps protect families and individual from preventable conflict and expense. When assets and or children are involved, keep it simple by getting organized and being respectful of one another. Focus on the future, not the past.

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Features and Benefits

  • Discovery Platform

    The discovery process starts with mandatory financial disclosures being shared between the couple and can extend through sharing exhibit books before a hearing if it goes that direction.  SplitSmart simplifies the entire process by wrapping a common a common repository with capabilities and workflows to ensure transparency and authenticity between the parties.  By tracking, auditing and reporting on discovery items, SplitSmart instills accountability into the process and limits traditional gamesmanship.

  • Parenting Plans - Keeps Kids Out of the Middle

    SplitSmart has a unique approach for families to create the best parenting plan specifically for their family.  The key? Remove the financial incentives of counting overnights.  In SplitSmart, each parent can accept, reject or make their own proposal on each individual item in the parenting plan. Items include: 4 decision-making areas, 4 schedules and a dozen other items (you can add more) that should be in each parenting plan.  Parents can work through much of the process on their own and when they need help from others, each parent’s position on each item is listed side by side ready for productive professional help to get them to agreement.

  • Focus on the Future

    Divorce should be a time for a positive life transition, moving onto life’s next chapter filled with hope and promise. There are many keys to having a good divorce.  Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you is a great place to start.  Being respectful, fair, compassionate and forgiving will quickly lead you to happier times.  Being the opposite may bankrupt you, emotionally and financially, for years, if not decades to come.  It takes two for a divorce to be successful.  SplitSmart is here to help you both stay on task to reach an equitable resolution so you both can find joy in a better, more harmonious future.

  • Settlement Organizer

    The intake process identifies incomes, assets and liabilities and creates a file folder system for each in the common repository.  Each uploads and shares the documents with one another and the data is organized into: sworn financial statements, marital worksheets, and side by side comparisons of incomes and expenses.  The data is transparent and organized for productive and efficient settlement/mediation meetings and/or judicial efficiency.

  • Equitable Outcomes

    Inequitable outcomes are more than legend and lore, they are all too common in divorce and often precipitated by discovery gamesmanship, a lack of transparency and abusing children in the process.  SplitSmart’s goals are to eliminate the games, ensure transparency and take kids out of the middle.  We believe our approach provides all involved with a more complete and objective view that will result in more equitable outcomes and less ongoing conflict. 

  • Child Shares - Alternative Approach

    Everyone wants to support their child to the best of their financial ability, but no one wants to support the lifestyle of their ex-through child support.  SplitSmart’s alternative approach of sharing child related expenses and accounting for direct contributions to child specific accounts (529, first car, allowance), puts the couple’s focus on the child’s wellbeing where it should be.  By removing the financial incentives tied to overnights, couples avoid most custody battles and typical conflict.  Disclaimer: Most courts are fully supportive of when parents can reach an agreement on child support without the court’s involvement.  However, since our approach is new, if child support is litigated, courts will likely default to that state’s child support guidelines for determining child support awards.

  • Divorce Guardrails

    Divorce can be a highly adversarial arena where good and decent people can easily get tripped up by emotions, motivations of money, control and hatred, personality disorders (narcissist, sociopath, borderline) and the bad advice of others.  SplitSmart’s chore is to keep everyone on the straight and narrow path towards reaching an equitable resolution.  We solve the discovery process and help protect kids from being in the middle of their parent’s conflict.  SplitSmart’s process helps expose bad actors and minimizes the negative impacts of their behaviors.

  • Discovery Dashboard

    Each party has his or her discovery/disclosure obligations to the other, the process and, if it goes that far, to the courts.  For most, it is simply knowing a check list of documents to be shared, collecting, organizing and sharing those documents.  But when there is a lack of organization or gamesmanship starts, tracking and managing all these documents becomes prohibitively expensive.  Our discovery dashboards show how many documents have been shared, are outstanding or in-dispute.  This simple dashboard helps most avoid the typical gamesmanship of discovery.


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SplitSmart is critical for providing peace of mind and sanity amidst any type of divorce, whether DIY, mediated, collaborative or contested, amicable to high conflict.  A settlement-promoting platform for parties, attorneys and mediators alike.

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