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Win, Win, Win. SplitSmart is a tool to help couples with assets and or children to efficiently organize themselves so they can reach equitable and family friendly agreements quickly and with minimal expense and conflict.

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Carl Roberts

Carl is a survivor of a 9-year, litigated divorce that took a heavy financial and emotional toll on he and his family. His family’s fate, like that of millions of others, was determined by failed public policy that financially incentivizes contentious and abusive divorces for parents and children. Over the last several years, Carl has been an activist for family court reform and has pursued legislation in Colorado that would mitigate children being used as pawns in their parent’s divorce.


Carl is a product expert and has spent the bulk of his career selling software systems into large enterprises.  His background in systems and processes combined with the challenges from his own divorce experience has led him to create a truly remarkable application that can reinvent the process of divorce and improve the lives of millions for generations to come.


Brian Rodgers

Brian is an incredibly talented software architect, having worked on over 300 technology-related projects since 1996. Brian has executed two multi-million dollar exits in two of his own companies, most recently in 2018. He has developed software for companies from those with a great idea but no technology expertise to billion dollar corporations and everything in between. 


Brian holds a BS in CIS from Florida International University and an MBA from Wichita State University. In his little free time Brian enjoys skiing, traveling, reading and spending time with his wife and son.


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SplitSmart is critical for providing peace of mind and sanity amidst any type of divorce, whether DIY, mediated, collaborative or contested, amicable to high conflict.  A settlement-promoting platform for parties, attorneys and mediators alike.

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