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Residential AVM & Appraisal
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AVM Property Address(es) - $49 ea.

Quickly check to see if an AVM is available for your property. If it is available, it will be added to your cart below and will be available immediately after purchase. If not available, an appraisal may be ordered below.

Appraisal Property Address(es) - $49 ea. Management Fee

SplitSmart competitively bids out appraisals to 5 - 7 certified residential appraisers local to the property to ensure high quality work at competitive rates, typically 10%-30% less than market rates.

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Bill To: April 2, 2020
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All AVM sales are final, no refunds. Contact us at if there are any questions or concerns. When we receive an appraisal order, we create that order in another system and begin the bidding process to get our customers a competitive price. Once appraisals have been sent out for bid, there is no refund of the management fee. Once the bids are returned, we will send an invoice with appraisal price and requesting 50% down to place the order. The appraisal balance will be due once appraisal is ready and must be paid in order to receive the appraisal.

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