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When legal bills spiral out of control, who is to blame and how do you solve the problem?  SplitSmart believes that bad actors who abuse the discovery process are the chief culprits.  Sometimes it’s your client who is their own worst enemy, sometimes it’s the opposing party or counsel.  Regardless of who is to blame, as bills increase, client satisfaction decreases and attorneys are at greater risk of not being paid or having grievances filed against them.


SplitSmart’s goal is to mitigate bad actors and the discovery games they play.  By reinventing the discovery, SplitSmart dramatically reduces the administrative time and expense attributed to managing the entire discovery process.  With discovery solved, attorney time is spent on legal issues, bills are kept in check, and client satisfaction, referrals and practice profitability increases.


Contested divorce bring out the worst in clients and opposing parties.  Everyone tries to deceive, hide assets and or play games in discovery with everyone blaming the other.  Discovery management quickly escalates billings and conflicts to no one’s benefit.


A collaborative divorce might not go to court but the parties can play all the same discovery games as a high conflict couple.  Managing, tracking and trying to ensure full disclosure can waste everyone’s time and money to no one’s benefit.


Like their contested and collaborative counterparts, unbundled litigants have the same discovery problems of managing, tracking and ensuring full disclosure.  Whether in court or not, litigants have the same discovery obligations to the other and to the process.

Organize Your Divorce


Property Division Worksheet

Best Co-Parenting Plan - Best Ever!

Conflict Free- Child Support Plan


$199 Per Couple


SplitSmart’s discovery platform, settlement organizer, parenting plans and alternative approach to child support is critical to have for every divorcing couple with assets and or children.

  • Discovery

    – Efficiently manage the entire process from mandatory disclosures through creating and sharing hearing exhibit books.  A common document repository allows for document tracking and audit.

  • Compliance

    Discovery dashboards summarizes documents that have been shared, outstanding or are in dispute.  Discovery games are exposed and mitigated by instilling accountability and transparency into the process.

  • Data Aggregation

    Users directly connect with over 15,000 financial institutions for current balances, validated data and unadulterated 12 month transactional history.

  • Financial Organizer

    Up to date sworn financial statements, marital assets/debts worksheet and side by side comparison of incomes and expenses, ensures transparency and saves an immense amount of time

  • Alternative Child Support

    A expense sharing model for child specific expenses and a plan for direct contributions to child specific accounts (529, first car, spending) emphasizes a child’s financial wellbeing a avoids much of the traditional custody conflict and litigation.


Organized & optimized for efficiency and compliance

  • Virtual Discovery Paralegal 

    Significantly reduces the time and expense of managing client and opposing party discovery.

  • Current Account Balances

    Direct connections with financial institutions provides real time account balances for financial statements and marital worksheets at a click of a button.

  • Parenting Plans/Alternative Child Support

    Unique approach to create comprehensive and detailed parenting plans that mitigates most custody and child support conflict.

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The broken discovery process in family law is a major problem for litigants, divorce attorneys, and, the courts.  Discovery escalates the cost for litigants who can leave their lawyers with unpaid bills and inundate court dockets with discovery-related motions.


The role of a divorce professional is not easy.  The best divorce lawyers are starved for better organization.  Top divorce attorneys spend heavily in trying to manage their clients and opposing parties throughout the discovery process.  Bad behaviors of their client or opposing party, whether intentional or simply unorganized, can negatively affect the practice profitability of top divorce lawyers.


Most top divorce lawyers and the best divorce attorneys, like any professional, wants to have a profitable and growing practice.  However, unbeknownst to most, family law lawyers have the highest rate of their client’s bills not paid or sent to collections.  While not having bills paid is bad enough, the problem is compounded because that dissatisfied client won’t make any referrals.  And referrals often represent 80% of a divorce attorney’s revenue.


A foundational problem for high legal fees is because the broken discovery process can require an extraordinary amount of time and money to manage.  Regardless of whether the lawyer or paralegal is doing the work, managing discovery from the client, let alone the opposing party, is highly inefficient and can quickly escalate billing hours.  Top divorce lawyers in Colorado readily admit that they are starved for organization and that discovery problems can quickly account for 30% - 50% of their legal billings. 


Simply unorganized litigants are problematic enough, but when their behaviors are intentionally trying to deceive, withhold or hide discovery, they become a bad actor.  Whether that bad actor is your client, opposing party or opposing counsel, the administrative time required to manage escalates and so do billing hours.  With higher bills comes the increased risks of not getting paid and having a grievance or malpractice claim filed.


The broken discovery process is also problematic for access to justice initiatives, legal aid divorce lawyers and affordable divorce attorneys.  For these professionals, time is their most precious commodity and the current discovery process wastes enormous amounts of time.


The best divorce lawyers and top divorce attorneys want the best outcomes for their clients, and for the family as a whole.  They know they are more profitable when their time is focused on legal issues rather than the mundane.  By delivering their legal advice and guidance without the administrative expense and overhead of discovery, they deliver more profitable and higher value legal services to their clients.  All of which increases client satisfaction and referrals.


SplitSmart’s online divorce app and family law software will largely solve the broken discovery process for all involved.  Regardless the path of the divorcing couple, whether ADR and uncontested or high-conflict, the couple, professionals and courts all benefit by solving discovery.


SplitSmart should be considered for all divorce cases.  Beyond the valuable benefits for your clients, SplitSmart will streamline discovery and organize cases for productive settlement and or efficient litigation.  SplitSmart will lead to increased client satisfaction, referrals and practice profitability.


Legal aid divorce lawyers and affordable family law attorneys will benefit by recapturing 50% to 75% of the time they would have spent on managing discovery.  All while providing their clients a better overall service and experience.


Collaborative law lawyers and divorce mediators will save significantly in administration and find their mediations and settlement conferences to be much more productive with a higher likelihood of successful outcomes.  Having clients be organized and prepared for divorce mediation will enhance client satisfaction and increase referrals.

SplitSmart is an independent online divorce app and family law software solution intended for divorcing couples and the professionals that serve them. 

Litigating divorce attorneys, collaborative divorce lawyers and divorce mediators now have an effective and profitable solution to managing the entire discovery process for their cases.


SplitSmart helps divorce lawyers and divorce attorneys efficiently manage the entire discovery process between the client and opposing party.

Richard Harris

Harris Family Law

‘I am thrilled to be associated with SplitSmart!   As a long-time advocate of reforms to the family law system, I believe this app takes an innovative approach towards reducing conflict, protecting children, and saving money.’

Larkin Reynolds

Foundry Legal

'The standard legal processes for divorce are basically broken.  I believe good technology will be a part of the solution and the SplitSmart platform has the ability to really change the game.'

Amy Mahlen

A.M. Financial

'As a divorced mother of three and a financial professional, I am ecstatic to join SplitSmart!  I couldn’t agree more with the goals of eliminating discovery gamesmanship and disconnecting parenting issues from money.  SplitSmart will greatly benefit couples, professionals and courts alike.'


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SplitSmart is critical for providing peace of mind and sanity amidst any type of divorce, whether DIY, mediated, collaborative or contested, amicable to high conflict.  A settlement-promoting platform for parties, attorneys and mediators alike.

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